Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goin' ta California

It's been quite a hectic journey up to our departure date, but it came and we went. Before we get deep into discussing our trip etc, there are some people who need to be recognized for all of their help and support:
The Bullock & Taylor families
Scuba Rob
Lavanya Ramanathan
Doug Mo
Kelly Hughes
Emily Gibson
Fabiana Talbot
Christopher Stewart
Patrick Kigongo
Allison Curtis
Jay Bynum
Simon Guggenheim
The Marvin Crew
Palace 5ive
All of your help and constant support over our last weeks has been huge in allowing us to embark on this cross country journey.

After hitting loads of traffic, uhaul trailers not fitting, and sleepless nights we finally made our way. We stopped in Tennessee and planned on stopping by Graceland, but with gas prices as high as they are, we opted out and carried on our way. We've had a hard time finding wifi so we apologize for the delay on updates. You can check our Facebook page for up to the hour updates.
We're currently in Oklahoma and nearly to Northern Texas. We're not sure of other spots to hit on our way down south so please leave us some suggestions in the comment box.

It brings us great pleasure to leave one last gift to you all as a token of our appreciation for all the good times. With the help of many dedicated Tennis System fans and our dear, dear friend "Scuba" Rob Orlowski we pulled off an amazing video for our new single, "Hey, We Tried."

With Love,
Tennis System

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