Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok, ok, ok ,ok. If you want to hear some of the new material, here's your chance. We have given FeedTheBeat an EXCLUSIVE first taste of "Teenagers" Visit and get to hear an exclusive early peek at "Hey, We Tried." There's a comment box so please leave us some feedback, let us know what you think!

More Great News; If you haven't had a chance, we were featured in Filter Magazine's Discover the Undiscovered. If you have a chance take a peek, there's a nice little write-up as well as a brief interview with us!!

We've now made it easier for you to get your hands on Tennis System gear, i.e. digital copies of the record as well as t-shirts and whatever else we may have floating around in our merch box. Just head on over to or and start streaming, downloading, buying, or whatever your beautiful heart may desire!!

Finally, an extra special thanks to EVERYONE who came out the last two shows. It was a great feeling having so many people filling the rooms.

We hope to see you November 30th at The Red Palace. If we don't speak again before the 25th, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!

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